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Our Story

Our names are Chris and James, we are long time cat lovers and in the process of building runs for our cats to be cared for at home when we go away (one of our cats Poppy is particularly nervous) James decided that we could also accommodate and care for other peoples cats.

He has built runs that are suitable with a view of the garden, a second level, choices of viewing areas and bedding in cosy fully insulated wire front pens.

The runs feature double door security and close down cafe blinds for additional warmth at night.

Some runs have connecting doors that can be opened to accommodate a large family of cats.

We have also incorporated scratching poles in the runs for the cats to enjoy.

The outdoor play area is delightful with different levels and areas for them to curl up and sleep either in sun or shade.

There are tubs with carefully chosen plants that are not harmful to cats & herbs they love due to the smell and feel good properties they contain.

Picture on right is one

of our pets Poppy on their monster climbing and scratching posts on our balcony.


If you would like to view our cattery please feel free to contact us to book a time and we will happily show you.

Drop Off and Pick up Times for booked pets are either 9.00am or later at 4.00pm or by appointment.

Why Us?

This is a small cattery so we can be familiar with the pet and their needs.

We want to have your cat settle with familiar items and food to minimise stress to your pet.

We will ask you to either bring the food they eat with you, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Bring something familiar, a toy or bedding that smells of home to help them settle.

We have cat grass growing for your pet.

If your cat is accustomed to being brushed we are more than happy to undertake this while they are with us so you come back to a nicely groomed pet.

All cats must have a certificate of F3/4 vaccination and be free of fleas.

Please apply for a booking form which we will send to you to via email or post.

Cost: $20 per night. Discounted rates for larger families of cats.

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